Sweet Dozy Nursing Pillow - Terracotta



Thanks to its size and shape, our Dozy pillow will be your favorite pillow at home. Its uses can be very varied and you decide for what purpose you want to use it.
It can be a pregnant woman's best friend, as it allows you to sleep in a much more comfortable way while molding to your body and is an essential item in time to breastfeed or give the bottle, both for you who adopt a correct posture avoiding uncomfortable positions, and for your baby who will be much more cozy at mealtime. In addition to everything already mentioned due to its filling of expanded polystyrene micro-balls OEKO-TEX cert. can still be your biggest ally in your baby's naps because it provides a comfort that no other standard breastfeeding pillow can, due to the size of the micro-balls (0.5mm), our filling molds itself completely to any body, eliminating in this way a large part of the tension exerted on the baby's back and favors a good maintenance of the spine.
The Doze is made with 100% OEKO-TEX cert cotton material and the entire process of making and filling is done manually, making it a unique and original piece.

You can also choose your favorite color from our list — Vanilla, Olive, Blush, Peanut, Terracotta, Citadel, Ivory and steel


- Sweet Dozy: 20cm * 100cm

- Dozy: 20cm * 180cm


Wash the garment preferably alone or with similar items at 30 degrees and in delicate programs to avoid the wear of the natural fibers.
If you use the dryer, do it in a slow drying program and avoid spinning at most .

Designed and produced in Portugal!